Welcome to Sydney’s In the Mix page. This blog features behind the scenes work and process of collections, sketches, and artwork.


New technique : beadweaing

hand beaded earrings



This is my first try at screen printing a full yard of fabric in repeat with 4 colors!  

Paper Marbling Workshop

Tis the Season for Holiday Prints!

Finalist for the High Cotton 2015 Paisley Contest 

This pattern was created for bowties and inspired by Raleigh, NC : The City of Oaks

Constellation Collection for Astronomy | Spring 2016

Surface Design

Experimenting with pattern and color using direct wet application of pigments.

dishrags: the beginning 

I started working with gold work and metal threads this semester to stretch my embroidery knowledge. This is the beginning of a series of embroidered dishrags. This first rag was found at Penland School of Crafts where I was a teaching assistant with embroidery artist and professor Katherine Diuguid (www.katherinediuguid.com)  The project is inspired by found used rags of artists, that have leftover dye and paint stains, torn with wear, up-cycling rather than discarding and enhancing the accidental found beauty.

weaving samples ranging from basic twills to rug weaves. 

Embroidery Samplers

Examples of experimentation of pattern and color with embroidery stitching including running stitch, cross stitch, french knots, back stitch, bullion knots, and more.


This is an art piece composed of enlarged important imagery of photographs that have shaped my art and design thinking

crochet Plant Huggers

Knit Baby Blanket for the Linus Project 

nuno felted amoebas

#YASVB |  You are so very beautiful Craftivist Project 

Kiln Glass Work from this semester

The beginning experiments of my exploration in kiln glass. I am exploring fusing pieces of clear glass with paint and found objects such as copper, tea bags, coins, etc. I have also gotten the change to experiment with glass bead making. (Click photos to enlarge)

Window Screen Color Progression

This is a color progression embroidery project in progress inspired by Henri Matisse using only hand embroidered cross stitching.

I am stitching on window screens (1.5 feet by 6 feet) inspired by Matisse's many symbols of windows and interiors in his paintings. The end product will resemble the second image: two mirrored panels reflecting shapes inspired by Matisse's paper cutouts. I plan to add more shapes to fill more of the negative space. 

a large series: Marbled 2015

consisting of 43 marbled acrylic paintings ranging from 2" x 2" to 12" x 12". This was installed for First Friday at the Fish Market Student Gallery.