Sydney Jones is a Print Textile Designer who recently graduated from the College of Design at North Carolina State University, with a B.A. in Art + Design with a focus on Print and Surface Design in Fibers. Her main interests are in print and pattern, photography, and home decor for interior design. She has a passion for traveling and is always looking to chat and meet new people! 

             She is a passionate, colorful, and generous individual. Through the relationship of tactile hand techniques and technology, she uses her eye for pattern, color interaction, and craft to nurture her craving of exploration in the print and surface design world of fibers. In attempt to capture the mysterious beauty of the natural world with her human and worldly connections, Sydney challenges herself to convey awareness for rising themes in her work. Her ambition and engagement show she is actively trying to make the most of this life, staying active and doing all she can to give to the world.

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